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Who is afraid of the Dark Web

Lately, it seems like there is nothing more hype of the Dark Web.


Everyone talks about it, so why not me?


When I first heard about Dark Web, it was actually not many years ago, the first thing that popped in my mind was that Japanese story, and anime series produced by Aniplex and Studio Deen, about Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo – 地獄少女). In this story, a website appears online only at midnight and people can enter the name of someone they want to drive to hell. Pretty cool idea, right?

Many others myths and legends like this one are for sure around Japan, Asia, and the world, and I don’t know about them. I will do some more research about them, after this.

Back on track, or at least I try. I am sure, there is still a lot of confusion about Dark Web and Deep Web, as I am sure the most of the people in the world have even never heard about it. Maybe for censoring reasons, or just because they are not interested in this kind of stuff.

Tech people tend to think that everyone knows everything about… tech. It is our bad habit, I assumed that many times, too in my past. That is why I moved to another level of communication, and I now assume that people (if not in the specific field) do not know anything about the topics I talk about.

This help me to go back to basis, and also it makes me research a bit more sometimes. You can’t believe how much you assume you know and understand, until you try explain it in simple words.

Told you that I just “tried” to go back on track. Okay, seriously now… the topic.

What is the Dark Web, in simple words?

It is a bunch of “special” websites, hosted on “special” machines, located around the world. You can access them only through “special” browser, that connects you to a “special” network. These websites are not reachable through standard Internet protocols, reason why you need the “special” touch to browse them.

Too simple? Well, there is also to consider the difference between Deep Web and Dark Web. Too many are using it as a synonymous, but it actually is not.

The Deep Web is a bit different. If you break it down to its minimum, everything that runs encrypted  on the Internet, and everything that is behind a password, is already Deep Web.

So, if you are accessing your Bank statement from your Internet banking, you are accessing Deep Web, a layer below the public access. Also your own website created on Content Management System (CMS) is part of this Deep Web! Think about it! Can you access your admin panel without password? Well, there are ways… *cough*… I mean, normally? At that point, welcome in the Deep Web! Your admin side of your WordPress, or Drupal, or Joomla… I don’t want to promote one over the other, is in the Deep Web. Is it Illegal? No! I will cover this later in the article.

The Dark Web is… deeper, darker… yeah you got the idea!

It is supposed to be a repository of criminality and illegality, with outrageous graphic contents, and people talking about scary things. In reality, most of the content of the dark web is a sort of hoax, and other content is really funny to read. A lot of inspired people there, and inspiration for you too.

The only thing to know about this “service” is that, as in every situation, you should know what you are looking for, to be able to find it. It would be nice also master, or at least understand, another language, reason why I am going to learn an 8th soon.

If you browse it with a purpose, or just for fun, it is your own decision. It is totally legal, unless you are going to directly break a law for the country you are in, and you get busted while doing it. We all know what is illegal, right?

Common sense, guys! And maybe, a little bit of decency, on top of that!

Said that, I am not here to offend anyone, your tastes, and preferences are totally up to you. Respect should be part of our firmware from birth. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets corrupted.

Who is on the Dark Web?

This place may also be the only platform that some Thinker in a country governed by censors may find his voice. There are a lot of… how can I say it politely? Lies?

Well, it is very clear that nowadays, with the hype and interest escalation, there are a lot of funny people, creating hoax websites to attract gullible others. There are dealers of different goods, if you trust them. All the marketplace story would require a book by itself, a column is not enough.

It is crystal clear, there are undercover agents waiting for information, double agents eavesdropping events, journalists searching for voices and news that could not be accessible otherwise. Surprisingly, there are also a lot of common people, and very smart ones. There are interesting articles about security, freedom, great books that are often not accessible in some countries.

It is an interesting place. It depends always by the way you use it. It is up to you to dive into illegality, as in the real life.

Simply browsing the Deep/Dark Web is not punishable by law, in most of the country where you can also access and read this article of mine.

For sure, I am not promoting illegality. I am promoting knowledge, freedom of speech and information. Knowledge is power.

We must know what we are looking for, and we must know how to access the information we need, we must know where our limits are, and how to break them when necessary. Simple as that.

We should always take it easy, and think before judging. I strongly believe that no oneis totally afraid of the Dark Web. As I explained, now it is a hype thing, and while it contains serious material, not everyone who goes there is an outlaw, probably the most are jokers. However, it may also be a place where you can find some help at some point in your life. Plenty of tech wiz and smart people in different disciplines, you just have to know where to look.

This “special” browser and network are a matter of accessing information privately, mostly anonymously, without the annoying advertisements, cookies, location tracking, and other hassles…

You know that you could browse privately also the “standard” Internet, right?

Private browsing is a way to avoid storing of information on your local machine only, proxy and servers always know where you are going. Yes, I am looking at you!

Search engines are storing every typo you make, and they will start suggesting you soon Your Language Courses, or Spell Check Software when your typos are too many, or too frequent. I am just kidding, but if this happens, I have the paternity of this idea on the day of today, my lawyer  will know.

This launched a new trend of Search Engines who are not storing any information, and they do not have commercial either. I still have to check their process, but so they promise.

Simple tricks for a more secure online-life are published everywhere, and I am not going to repeat them here, although my word counts is pushing for more blubbering.

Let’s wrap. Who is still afraid of the Dark Web?

Let me know, open a discussion, participate. I thrive to hear your voices. You can also tell me to stop writing, if you do not like what I say. I am not getting offended. Although, I will decide accordingly my next move.

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