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My way through YouTube and communication

This article is a small diversion on the more serious topics that I covered so far. Because sometimes, we need smart laughter more than ever. Enjoy!


Because I would love to try everything in this only life that we have, I decided to jump into the world of YouTube, and kick off my Channel. Can you believe it?

My expectations out of it are to a minimum range. However, it was years that I wanted to work on radio or video fashion containers, to deliver content to people.  I have my own way to do that, I am not saying is correct, I am not saying is wrong. It is my way.

I never studied media, entertainment, or those fancy subjects that should prepare you to this kind of activities. Instead, I observed other people doing it. I understood what I like, and what not from habits, behaviours and attitude of announcers, deejays, presenters, and such…

I made my own style, I am working on improving it, and little by little I am sure I will.

The only “formal studies” that I covered, which involved communication was Professional Communication. That is a core course for the Master of Computing and Master of Engineering at the Australian National University (Canberra, Australia). This subject has the purpose of helping technologist people, that are famous for their lack in people skills (I hate stereotypes, but unfortunately is true in 95% of cases), to get a grasp of what does it mean rising the eyes from the desk and face another… human face. I may sound a little evil now. Apologies, I cannot contain myself sometimes.

However, the reality of facts is that until you are not rising your voice, no one can hear you!

This life lesson was given to me by Francesca, one of my best friend back in Italy. It is thanks to her that I ended up exposing myself more (think clean, please), and ended up publishing a book. I will always be grateful to her, and my book is the proof that, sometimes, we just have to open our mouth.

How does this matter with my YouTube channel? Well, first of all I am talking about my book there. Second, is just self-promotion (I need to pay for rent and food). Silliness apart, it is about communication and delivery of content and ideas.


The decision to sit in front of a camera, and a microphone, seems egocentric and straight forward. I can tell you it is not. First of all, I do not care about how much my ego will get boosted by views and comments. I would live a sad life, if I am just looking for that kind of acknowledgement.

Of course, I appreciate when people send me messages of compliments, criticisms, and suggestions. Because it stimulates me to work more and better. At the same time, I am not doing it just for the sake of it. Clearly, I hope to get opportunities out of this product, mainly chances to meet and talk with interesting people.

Why am I not doing it only for the sake of having my big face online? Simple answer: it is a massive commitment. Only who does this kind of work can understand the massive amount of hours spent recording footage (mostly bloopers), and the even bigger number of hours invested in editing the product.

I am learning how to do it, I never did it before at this scale. Definitely, I am wasting a lot of that time also. However, I am learning. I am enjoying this process, that is running parallel to my technology specialisations, my HCI passion, and my leadership/communication predisposition.


I can afford to do it now, because the job market is being very stingy, or picky.

I cannot stay without doing anything all day. My video adventure runs nicely with my writing activities, they share more than I thought, and this makes everything even more interesting. I am enjoying investing my time in this creative way. If anyone will notice that I am worth of anything, then it will be great. If having the channel will be counter productive to my career, too bad.

Who does not want to hire, or contract, a person who can smash technology projects/jargon, and can also deliver his thoughts properly (improving on this point), does not deserve me. Sorry, not sorry. I am not a robot.

I am outside the box.

Does it mean I am also out of the job? Probably.

Welcome to the modern world, where if you are not reinventing yourself, you just stay in the box. Instead, I want to make the difference, and I am working hard on that.

How does the channel come to place here? Because I can cover topics that are relevant to people, and rise awareness, just like I tried to do with my HCI4D articles. Internet is the most powerful weapon we have, with or without censors, manipulations, and all the scandals popping out every day. There is always a way to talk on the Internet. It really depends how we use it, of course there is a lot of garbage, and you may think my channel can be classified like that. I am ok with that. If I were afraid of sharks, I would not have started swimming.


After all this “reflection”, the important bits are: I am experimenting something new, and I am learning a lot out of it. In constant evolution, and revolution, like I am. The attitude, the practice, the effort that I have to put in this activity, is worth in terms of personal growth.

I think that people should really use their 15 minutes, or 15 seconds probably in this fast-paced world, of fame promoted by Andy Warhol.

Just go out there, talk with people, and make the difference. There are so many and fascinating topics to discuss, and more people than you imagine, which desire to share their thoughts.

Try to look over the edge of the box. If you are “crazy” enough. Definitely, you will understand what I am talking about.

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