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LEGO City – Pizza Truck 2017

Finally we introduced our first LEGO as a family.

I am a LEGO builder since I moved my hands. I had my mother’s sets first, then I started receiving and buying my own. I set up a nice collection, even though it is not a big one, I consider myself a LEGO connoisseur. I love their details, and how they evolved along the years, though maintaining their branding.

In 2017 LEGO is getting more digital too, across different media and franchising, but it is te analog part that makes the difference. It is the challenge of building something, and then maybe play with it.

I built and unbuilt all my LEGO for years, thinking that instructions were cool, but I could do something different (a bit like in the movie). However, I recovered all the instructions, and I put together all the sets I have for display. In later posts, I will talk about all of them, today I am not able, because they are in Italy.

My wife Katya and I saw this LEGO City Pizza Truck set in Astana, and we did not buy it. I tracked it down on the Internet, then two days ago, we saw it in store (with 30% discount) here in Bishkek, and finally we got it.

It is the Pizza Truck set, from LEGO City (60150), released in January 2017.

The set is really cool.

On  the characters, that are very detailed as usual, the truck has an oven component, the till (or counter), ketchup/mustard dispensers, and open both sides.

Moreover, the fries are genially made out from the crystal block, of course painted yellow this time.

There is a can of soda, and the pizza quarters pieces are just wow.

To complete the look there are a lot of stickers. The Vespa scooter is lovely, the umbrella-table is a nice detail that completes the food-truck setting.

We are going to edit and post our video on YouTube soon. In the meantime, enjoy this speeded-up building process.

Stay Tuned!

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