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Have I neglected my website?

Good morning everybody!

First of all, thank you for being here, and reading this article! I really appreciate your visit!

As you can see, this website is a bit slow, and not updated… there are a million reason behind it… some good, some bad, some very bad…

First off, I always said that I will keep all updated and perfect, that I want to deliver great content, that this is my product, I am my own product, and this is my work. It is true, and I am a great Product Manager. The problem is that I cannot feel any response from the crowd.

Of course, I am here with a silly un-updated blog, about all and nothing, and I cannot expect to reach a million view per day. I wish! But also the interesting article I posted, I got unmotivated. No one cares. I am a blog in the world of blogs, I am one of million, not a white fly or a black sheep, I am just one of all, and as everyone would love to get income from this small work. At least, I would love a reply, a comment, an opinion. I would like also receive a “you suck”, but at least I have something to make the next move.

Instead, silence.

Now, one reason of my disappearance was a bit of depression. A freelancer writer, without commission, with no one commenting or asking about his work. With no other regular paid work, because looks like Agile Product/Project Managers are not very popular in Italy. With only my wife as a reason to keep going, and push myself in doing something. Then see that all you do is a “waste of time” because there are million better than you. You notice the not-balanced world of the web, the unfair and silly fight for popularity.

I don’t want to be popular, I want to be influential! I want to show everyone that I know things, I can talk about things, and I can make the difference.

I see only no views, no comments, no phone calls, no commissions, no respond from HR managers that calls you and leaves you with a happy “Talk soon!”.

I see my wife, I look at her, and I have inspiration, motivation, reality. Then I start work, and no one cares about my work, only my wife. Thanks love!

It probably does not make sense writing a post like this. What will it change? Why should people care? Who cares?

However, it is way cheaper than a psychologist, and more effective than the rest. Moreover, it is killing two eagles with a stone. I have new content, and I freed myself of some anger and thoughts!

Finished this rant, I can keep it together!

I am here to say that a new wave is coming for this website, my Twitter, my Instagram, the Facebook page (although it is mostly automatically fed by this website, IG and TW), probably there will be a relaunch of my YouTube channel, too (although YT now is just another self-exposing platform without real income for everyone).

I found the strength to revamp and restart, thanks to my wife, and my reflection in her eyes.

  • There is one of my book out there! The giveaway finished ( and there was a great response! I will talk about it in the next post.
  • There is a second book, and an editor that has no time now, ready for the printers!
  • There is a short horrific story, that I am reviewing.
  • The longer novel is blocked, if it would be easy everyone would have books out there, right? I will keep you posted.

Lots of things that I wanted to do, I stop doing, and I must do!

To quote a viral video of some time ago: “This is exasperating!”

I will try to really deliver content, constantly, because if not life is not fun, life is passing by with no marks on the walls.

So, you know the routine: until next time, stay tuned!

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