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Everyone is a Data Scientist, a short overnight thought.

Data Science is taking over all the other computing areas. How can it be different?

Everything uses some sort of information, and often transform this into knowledge.

The world recognized the importance of Data Science, and for sure you should be aware about it too.

Why? You can ask. Well, at some point of your life, you have been a data scientist, too. Perhaps, you still are, without noticing it.

I can tell, because I am now qualified Data Scientist, among the rest, but I realized that I always was one.

Data Science is about data, and all you can do with that. It is about information, and providing knowledge out of them. With a little more detail: gather, order, divide, clean, transform, store, and so on, information. In addition, it is searching, query, identify, and visualize information.

It seems like the original database administrators are the librarians. Think about it, they keep massive archives of books. If you think about it, they are classified, ordered, searchable, and retrievable information.

I saw my father keeping the books of his own business, before hiring an accountant. He was doing statistics on those pieces of information, sums, averages, medians, and so on. He was a data scientist in that moment, though his business is not in the computing area.

When you study, you take notes, you then store them, divide them by subject, keep only the useful ones, then you go back to it and you can retrieve knowledge from those information.

Now the topic is BigData, data stream, Graph and NoSQL databases, but all databases, even relational ones, are components of data science. Data Base Administrators are data scientist.

Even Artificial Intelligence is based on data science. Without that, there is no intelligence.

City Halls archives, demographic services, hospitals, banks, brokers, all these and more are using data science, knowing it or not.

If you did some data entry work for your office, your boss, your own, you participated to the bigger picture of data science, too. It does not have to always involve a massive quantity of data to talk about data science. Of course the algorithms are meant to deal with impressive amount of information, however the may work for small-scale products and application, too.

Have you ever made a list of all your DVDs, or CDs, in Excel? Then you filtered them, and searched through it? Fantastic, you did some data science. Same as plotting information from spreadsheets. You took a step closer to the incredible word of Data Science.

You can be a passive component, but you do not escape data science. You are instrument of it every time you use any social media network, or buy something, even in physical stores.

Their inventory is a database, the products are components, that are classified and ordered.

People who buy them provide statistics, that will add information, and generate knowledge for the store owner.

Now, probably you can not ask your boss to change your contract or role to a data scientist one. However, you are more aware of the importance of your role, and the contribution that you are really providing.

So, even if it is only around 3 years that everyone talk about Data Science publicly, data science always existed, and everyone participated somehow to it. This is the reason why you should be aware of it, understand it, and help others understand.

This was just an overnight thought I had about this world. I may write more in the future.

So far, 600 words are enough.

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