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Back To School, and why you hate it!

We are in September!

Time to go back to school. Some of you may be already there, here in Italy they will start on the 12th.

Why does everyone, or most of us, hate going back to the daily routine of school? Why are we so angry about going back to learn something?

Well, there must be a million reasons, and in this post I am going to state my own opinion. Perhaps, I can also give some suggestions to improve your school experience, or the school philosophy itself. I am not so much of an “Influencer” yet, but I am getting there, if you listen to my voice, and participate!

First of all, why we hate going back to school. Personally, I hated going to school only when I was 12, 14, and 17 years old. Every single time, the reasons overlap most of the time. They may be generic, or naive, but I bet some of you has the same ones.

I always lived not too close to schools, so I had to commute a lot. I was a commuter before I learnt this word. Before high school, I was everyday on a minibus, or a big bus, headed to school with many other children. Actually, not many, living among small villages… still, it was a lot.

There was some friend, not a lot of talk, but some social life there (for what the social life of a kid can be). However, my family moved, and we lived in a house even further from school, and outside the minibus path. It means that everyday I was reaching school by car, my mother was taking me there before going to work. It was not too bad, but it was a zero socially event. No more people around along the commuting, only in the school yard before the bell rang. Was it bad? Not at all. It was an ok situation that everyone lives. I was 12 when this started, when school was the reign of bullies, and I was not one of them.

I hated those people, therefore I hated school. Bullying was a big and dangerous thing, even in small villages like mine. They were often wild, and the town-size reflects the brain-size of those people. They were too much, being kids, and that is not good. They had it all, and no one could talk them down. Money rules.

Here a real reason why a lot of people don’t like going to school: bullies.

I noticed that now people got a little better, and bullying is punished in many schools. Still it exists, and it is a big trouble, at any age, so this is a global reason for everyone.

High school starts when you are 14 here in Italy, and in my province, the best schools are in the main city. The only connection: the train. A train that departs at 6.30 in the morning, to reach the destination in 1 hour, after that 20 minutes walk to get to the campus. Not a metro train, not underground, a big regional train, that was stopping in all villages (at that time), collect people, workers, and students heading for their day. Apart the awful conditions that the train was always, the length of the commute was a killer. Yes, there were “friends”, yes we could study, finish homework, talk. However, it was a pain.

In addition, when you are a “freshman”, just “first year” in Italy, you lived the hell of the train. Guess what: bullies!

Small villages, small minds, I have to repeat myself. Bullying was at higher levels. It was physically threatening. The 18 to 20 years old “last year” students. (some repeated years of school multiple times) were literally violent. They were lifting you by the backpack and throwing you around the train. They threatened you to tears level. This was happening to almost all male “first year”, and I was not out of that. I had my dose of beating, shaming, and threatening experiences. They made me stronger, maybe, but they made me hate everything in life. Who wants to go to die? No one. And taking that train was a death sentence.

When my class was “last year” we never did anything bad to anyone, I still hope we changed this crap, and people got smarter. I really hope it!

This situation last one year, and you have also all new, all difficult, because high school is a bit more difficult. Mostly when you choose the strongest school in the province in mathematics, and your major is Computer Science. It was cool, though. The first year, the big trouble was just the commuting situation that mixed with the personal safety one.

When I was 17, the only reason was the commuting, the train was a killer, my timetable was not matching others, and I was almost always alone going back home. There, I started write the poems, that you can find in my first book (check it here), it was a blue and black period. Hated almost all, discovered that I was not learning everything I wanted. School was good, but not enough, and people was not better, just no more bullies.

I count 2 big reasons now: commuting, that is stressful and time-wasting, bullying, that is simply sh*t. These are probably common to a lot of people, and they are not solving your, or schools’ problems.

To solve schools’ problems, I would have a million ideas, but no one ever accepted me as a #Director, or as a #Transformer for these environment. I am not going to give away my “not patented” ideas yet. I am still an unemployed consultant now, so I need to have my valuable secrets that someone could buy someday.

Schools have problems, teachers have problems, and teachers are the problem most of the time. Teachers, at least here in Italy, are often not willing to do anything outside their box, and students find themselves “not-learning” things, in a swampy way, using crap*y methods. I know there are nice modern teachers out there, and I appreciate their work. I also know that the motivation of teachers is not very high here around, so why should they push themselves? Right?

No, it is not right, but it is how it works… unfortunately.

Teachers are the key ingredient of a great society, still our government does not help in this. Bad teachers, bad students, bad people, bad society, slave society. Possibly this is what they want.

Luckily things are changing somewhere, but it is not a full implemented change. Innovation must appear in schools too, and a lot of schools are trying. Many must follow, all should follow. Teacher must go back to their important role, and create the best society.

We hate going to school because our teachers, even just one, is not good enough. The teacher is not teaching, we are not learning, so that is a waste of time, and we hate going to waste our time. When we are students, we love waste our time with video games or similar, not at school. right? I was preferring going to the library and study myself things I was interested into, instead of attending class.

Of course, you cannot have a fully interesting class, for everyone, but everything can be made interesting, and make student explore by themselves when possible. OK, I just gave you a pro-tip for free… you are reading, you deserve it! Work on this, and if you don’t understand what I mean, well… read along here.

Not interesting classes, not motivating teachers, not prepared teachers (even this happen). How can we expect that we love going back to school?

We must go to school to learn something, to become better people, and make the difference in this society. To make the difference, we do not have to become robots, we must program robots. To be the best society, we need to learn, we need to go to school.

Schools must be interesting, motivating, and challenging. It must consider that students are all different, and some need more time, more motivation, and some need more challenge. We can create a fluid school, only if we have fluid teachers. Well rewarded, and helped, and supported fluid teachers. OK, another pro-tip… apply #Agile and #Design #Thinking to school… it would work in 85% of cases, for some schools maybe it will be 100% of improvement.

Teachers must be nimble, because kids find all online nowadays. Teacher must convey the correct use of information, and adapt to the student, as much the student must try to adapt to learning. A square cannot become circle, my father always say, but a square has its place in society too, just we need to acknowledge this situation.

Some say, you go to school but you hate what you are doing. Sure it happens, if parents choose the school for you, if you choose the school for a specific work if you don’t know what you love to do. However, there is the magic, you can choose yourself what to do! Choose it! You must attend a school that teaches what you are interested into, you will not hate school anymore. Like work, you should do what you love.

That stupid thing of schools, where they ask kids what they want to do in their life when they are 6… how can they know it? How can they choose their path before even try it.

You cannot decide your life, because life unveils itself day by day. Today you are a programmer, tomorrow a journalist, the day after you are an illustrator, then a writer, then a manager in a company you enjoy working…

Why they want us in a box (from the age of 6)? Are they really looking for a slave-society?

If you don’t love it, change it! Life is one! You think you cannot change? Wrong! You may lose one year of school, but after you do what you love, right? You may lose money, ok… it sucks… but you go do something that you enjoy in life!

That is why going to school is great, because it gives us a reason, and it teaches us what we want to do in life, we hate math, we will go for humanities, and vice-versa.

Removed schools’ issues, and people (bully/commuting) issues, no one can hate school, no one can hate learning new things!

If you still hate learning, well… I cannot change your mind, just give it a try, with open mind, and will to see how it works. It is not so bad, in the end, time flies so fast, that your school  days will be over in a blink of an eye. Enjoy them!

So, why do you hate school? What is the reason? Do you agree with me or not? Tell me below, let’s start the change.

I may be wrong, I might have been superficial, but they are just hints. The next step is for everyone!

Stay Tuned!


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