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I love researching, learning, and putting together the “pieces of the puzzle”​.
I see my degree as a licence to further expand my knowledge, maintaining a constant growth.
I enjoy communicating, teaching, and coaching. I love designing and delivering solutions to people’s real problems and needs.
I developed my skills in strategising, managing and leading teams, projects and products.
Following and implementing Agile, I cultivated the importance of flexibility, iteration, and evolution. Creativity is a strong weapon in my arsenal. I am not afraid to make mistakes, because I always learn from what can be identified by the most as “failures”.
While I completed my Master degree, and the CELTA, in this profile, I will not give me 100% in any skill, because I am constantly learning, and in this constantly evolving world, it is impossible to know everything about everything. My research skills are keeping me up-to-date when required.