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I am a Computers Scientist, with the passion for Human-Computer Interaction/Human-Centred Design and Data Science, among [many] others. Covering heterogeneous positions, I developed knowledge and experience in almost every computing/ICT aspect.

Thanks to that I am now feeling confident in strategising, managing, and [also] talking about technological and digital products.

I am now opening my career to Teaching and other Education opportunities.

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I love researching, learning, and putting together the "pieces of the puzzle"‚Äč. I see my deegree as a licence to further expand my knowledge, maintaining a constant growth.

I enjoy communicating, teaching, and explaining concepts. I love designing and delivering solutions to people's real problems and needs. I developed my skills in strategising, managing and leading teams, projects and products.

I cultivated the importance of flexibility, iteration, and evolution. Creativity is a strong weapon in my arsenal. I am not afraid to make mistakes, because I always learn from what can be identified by the most as "failures".

I never stop transforming myself, and I desire constant professional and personal growth. Since being a teacher is the best way to make the difference, I achieved a Cambridge CELTA that enables me to teach English as Foreing/Second Language.

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I have never been afraid of responsibilities, and I led different and diverse teams, up to a not easy size, in terms of communication channels, of 15 people. I am very observant, and I believe that people must come first. I like to be considered a leader, not a "boss". Thanks to my negotiation and communication skills, and I can easily interface team members, their ideas, and contributions, with everyone else.

Product Management

Throughout my industry and academic experience, I could realise the importance of proper Product Management. From my own mystakes, and observing others, I developed strong planning and management abilities over the whole product lifecycle. Although I can deal with Legacy systems, I mainly work in Agile environment, where I also covered role of Business Analyst, SCRUM Master, Product Owner.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is part of everyday life, we just do not realise it for a reason or another. Every mistake I made provided me with more transferable knowledge. I usually tackle problems with creativity, and I like to think out of the box, trying different apporaches. This attitude reflects directly in how I apporach team work. Putting aside the "fear of mistakes" solutions usually come easily.


You cannot be a Team Leader, if you are not part of the Team. I enjoy sharing and creating the best environtment for people. I believe in consulting and brainstorming, where everyone can positively contribute to the solution. I like flexible teams where I can integrate and adapt, even to different roles. I can easily deal with, and possibly reduce, communication channels in larger contexts.

Human-Computer Interaction

Technology must serve a purpose for us. I strongly believe that the usability of a piece of technology makes a massive difference in various aspects. From customer satisfaction, which may provide more revenue, to the delivery of simplified/automated procedures, that may save human lives. Technology is everywhere, and must answer to our real needs.

Software Engineering

Along my industry and academic experience I could cover different aspects of software engineering. While, I tend to visualise algorithms and solutions in a "language agnostic" way, I can approach code in different Scripting, Object Oriented, and Functional programming languages. I can manage and work with software developers in BDD, MDD and TDD environments.

System Engineering

My industry background is mainly based on Systems and their lifecycle. I worked on very heterogeneous and complex systems, which, on top of the technical hands-on knowledge that I developed, also allowed me to understand the importance of a proper management. As System Thinker, I can always obtain a holistic view, and I move into Analytical Thinking where required.

Data Engineering

Data science is not only one of my academic specialisation, it is an interest that I develop along my industry experience. I dealt with incredible amounts of data, without even realising it. From being DBA in the Server Farm I managed, to high-frequency file transfers that I instructed as consultant, and more recently through Artificial Intelligence and other Data related practices and activities.


Master of Computing

Australian National University.

With specialisations in Professional Computing, Information and Human-Centred Computing.
Wich are focused on Computing Project Management, Human-Computer Interaction, and Data Science.

Cambridge CELTA

Australian TESOL Training Centre.

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.


Australian Computer Society.

Professional recognisation of my computing and related skills. It also demonstrates my full and honest commitment towards the fields of computing and technology.

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